With deep sadness, I need to give away my dog to a loving and...

With deep sadness, I need to give away my dog to a loving and responsible new guardian. Which could be YOU.

Let me tell you the story of one amazing dog.

Elle is by far the calmest, most independent and extraordinary dogs I’ve ever owned. She is extremely affectionate and sweet, stands out at the Hippodrome at the fastest, most athletic, and friendliest dog there, and is uncannily, unnaturally smart.

Elle is so clever she is able to walk herself. It’s pretty amazing considering we live in an apartment building, ON THE 10th FLOOR!. She rides the elevator down to the basement, somehow finds her own way outside out of a closed yard, and waits patiently by the elevator when she is done for someone to press 10 for her.

She is the marvel of the building.

I saw her yesterday take one of my daughter's dolls and bring it to the front door so as to lure the girl there so she would open it and let her out. Which she did. (Does that make her a tool using dog?)

All that said, I do have to find her a new home. For a couple reasons:

  1. My youngest daughter keeps pulling on her tail, tugging on her years and twisting her legs. Elle has been amazingly patient, and we have no worries that she would bite the baby, but she has whimpered a bit. I am increasingly worried how youngest might my escalate things for poor Elle. She is simply too patient and gentle for such a headstrong toddler.

  2. At first I thought she stayed in our yard when she went out but I discovered recently she was cautiously crossing a nearby sometimes busy street. I don’t let her out alone anymore, but others do (my youngest again, thinks its scream) and I would love to find her a place where she still has a LITTLE freedom to wander (at least in a yard) but not with such a busy road nearby.

  3. My wife and her family are more than a bit prejudiced against rescue/street dogs and insist that she is unclean even though I regularly wash and brush her and she has all her shots. Since I am going to be traveling most of the summer, and indeed travel often, I can’t really leave her in their care while I am gone, and my kids haven’t proven to be responsible enough to do it on their own.

So the shelter would need to meet with you to make the adoption official, but you can get a crate from them to use the first week to make housebreaking easy.

I'd want you to meet her and make sure their is some sort of connection, it is vitally important to me she find a good home. I love her dearly. And thats the best part of all this, if I am home I would be DELIGHTED to board her when you are gone, and we would all be eager to continue talking her for hikes whenever convenient for you.

She really is a unique dog, I really don't want her to spend another night at the kennel ever, but I leave in again in just a few weeks...

უპასუხე ამ თემას

ეს საიტი იყენებს ქუქი-ფაილებს და სხვა თრექინგ ტექნოლოგიებს, რათა განასხვავოს ინდივიდუალური კომპიუტერები, მოგაწოდოთ თვქვეზე მორგებული პერსონალური მომსახურება, ასევე საიტი ანხორციელებს ანალიტიკურ და სტატისტიკურ გამოთვლებს და თქვენს ინტერესს არგებს შესაბამისი შინაარსის მასალებს და რეკლამებს. ეს საიტი ასევე შეიძლება შეიცავდეს მესამე მხარის ქუქი-ფაილებს. თუ გააგრძელებთ საიტის გამოყენებას, ჩვენ ჩავთვლით, რომ ჩავთვლით რომ თქვენ ეტანხმებით საიტის პირობებს და მიმდინარე პარამეტრებს, მაგრამ პარამეტრების შეცვლა, თქვენ შეგიძლიათ განახორციელოთ ნებისმიერ დროს. დამატებითი ინფორმაცია იხილეთ აქ: კონფიდენციალურობა და ფუნდამენტური პოლიტიკა